Egypt man hides Dhs83,460 in gas oven, wife sets it on fire while cooking - GulfToday

Egypt man hides Dhs83,460 in gas oven, wife sets it on fire while cooking

The charred currency notes scattered on the kitchen floor.

Gulf Today Report

An Egyptian national wanted to hide his money from his wife and thought that the best place would be inside the gas oven.

His wife, however, unknowingly turned the oven on for heating the food, according to local mass media.

The strange incident took place in the Beheira Governorate and was the talk of social media, where pictures of burned bundles of money were widely circulated after the reason behind the fire that caught around 420,000 Egyptian pounds (Dhs83,460) was revealed.

According to the information circulated about the incident, the money was the capital of the young man who tried to hide it away from his wife.


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Accordingly, it occurred to him to put the money in the gas oven as he thought that his wife would not use it.

The wind, however, went against the wish of the ships when the young man’s wife turned the gas oven on to heat the food without knowing that all the money her husband had was inside.

As soon as he knew what his wife did, the unfortunate young man tried to save as much money as he could, explaining that the money had to do with his business with his partners. Unfortunately, most of the money was gutted by the fire.

The young man tried to exchange the burned money from the Central Bank, but the latter said that only the banknotes that showed serial number could be exchanged.

Unfortunately, serial numbers were shown in 40,000 pounds only.

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