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Court orders man to pay woman Dhs70,000


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Aya Al Deeb, Staff Reporter

The Al Ain Court of Appeal upheld the ruling of the Court of First Instance obligating a man to pay Dhs70,000 in compensation to a woman for the material and moral damage she sustained after he beat her up and caused her injuries in her shoulder and a disability of 30% in the upper left arm.

The details date back to an earlier time when the woman filed a lawsuit in which she demanded to oblige the appellee to pay her Dhs100,000 in compensation, in addition to fees and expenses and the lawyer’s fees.

The victim said in her lawsuit that the defendant assaulted her and caused her several injuries to the shoulder bone, sprain of the humeral joint ligament, pain in the neck and the right and left leg. She indicated that he was convicted of the act and a court ruling was issued against him.

The court assigned a forensic whose report affirmed that the victim’s health condition was stable and that the injuries affected the movement of the left shoulder joint and caused a slight atrophy of the muscles of the left upper arm, leading to the inability to carry heavy weights and constant pain, which constitutes a permanent disability of 30%.

The defendant’s lawyer demanded that the court be informed of the plaintiff’s medical reports in hospitals 3 years prior to the incident.

The Court of First Instance obligated the defendant to pay the victim Dhs70,000 in addition to expenses and Dhs300 as lawyer’s fees.

The defendant appealed the verdict, stressing that the plaintiff’s injuries were minor, and that she was being treated for them before the incident.

He also demanded that 3 hospitals be addressed to review their medical files and reports prior to the incident, annul the ruling, rejecting the case and obligating the woman to pay the fees, expenses and lawyer’s fees.

The court affirmed that the previous ruling proved that the defendant assaulted the victim and inflicted the injuries described in the medical report, which made her unable to perform her personal work for a period not exceeding 20 days, and that the ruling was final.

Earlier, the Al Ain Court of Appeal obligated a man to pay Dhs96,000 to his sister, as her share in the estate of their deceased father and her share in his retirement pension after coming of age.

The sister demanded, in her lawsuit, that her brother be obligated to pay Dhs100,000 to her, besides the fees, expenses and the lawyer’s fees.

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