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VIDEO: Kansas tornado generated 265 kmph winds as it destroyed homes


A combo image shows the tornado ripping through a neighbourhood in Kansas.

Gulf Today Report

The tornado that damaged more than 1,000 homes in south-central Kansas generated winds of up to 165 mph (265 kmph) and left a path of destruction nearly 13 miles long.

The National Weather Service said the tornado caused extensive damage on Friday, mostly in suburban Wichita in Andover.

Several people were injured.

Andover Fire Chief Chad Russell said at least 300 to 400 buildings were completely destroyed by the storm out of a total of 1,074 damaged buildings.

The Weather Service said the tornado remained on the ground for 21 minutes on Friday.

Four people, including two firefighters who responded to a call in Andover, were injured in the storm, but their injuries were minor.

Russell said it would take Andover years to recover from this storm.

By Sunday, utility crews had restored power to nearly all of the more than 15,000 customers who lost power during the storm.

Officials said fewer than 1,000 people were still without power in the Wichita area as of Sunday morning.

In addition to storm damage, the Oklahoma State Patrol said three University of Oklahoma meteorology students were killed in a car accident about 85 miles north of Oklahoma City in Oklahoma on Friday night while returning from storm chasing in Kansas.

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