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Eid Al Fitr 2022 prayer timings across the UAE


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Syed Shayaan Bakht, Staff Reporter

Eid Al Fitr is expected to be celebrated on May 2, according to astronomical estimates. UAE authorities are preparing to mark the Eid with best possible, incident free.

Mosques across the country have issues guidelines and regulations for Eid prayers citing the COVID-19 concerns, although cases have come down in the past few months.

The Islamic body in the UAE has issued Eid Al Fitr prayer timings for the seven emirates.  

Eid Al Fitr prayers protocol:

— The durations of the prayer and Khutba must not exceed 20 minutes.

— Worshippers to be supervised by police patrols, volunteers and imams to prevent overcrowding.

— Use personal or disposable worship carpets.

— Gates of mosques must be opened after the dawn prayer on day of Eid for Eid prayer, provided external speakers can broadcast the Eid takbeers half an hour before the prayer.

— We stress the necessity of obligating worshippers to wear face masks at all times and follow physical distancing at a distance of one metre.

— Avoid gathering and shaking hands after prayers.

— Outside areas of mosques must display physical distancing stickers with possibility of gathering in parks and parking lots nearing mosques.

— Wearing face masks and practising social distancing, especially when nearby vulnerable groups.

— Limit celebrations to immediate family members and relatives.

— Ensuring a valid green pass on Al Hosn app.

— We urge the public to use electronic alternatives for giving Eid presents.

The authorities stress the importance of community members' commitment and adherence to all instructions received from the health and concerned teams, and adherence to all precautionary measures, which is one of the most important factors supporting national efforts and the health and safety of individuals to ensure the strengthening and protection of society's immunity.

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