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VIDEO: Woman speaking on the phone falls into open drain in India


A combo image shows the woman falling in the open drain.

Syed Shayaan Bakht, Gulf Today

In a horrifying incident, a woman in the Indian city of Patna fell into an open drain while speaking on the mobile phone.  

A footage obtained by Gulf Today shows the middle-aged woman walking with groceries along a busy street at Malia Mahadev Jalla Road, under Ward-56 in Patna.

The authorities have launched an investigation on why the drain was left open in the middle of the road without any road signs.

The viral video shows the woman walking on the crowded road while talking on her phone as vehicles move along people on the same road.

A vehicle dodges the drain in front of her, but she is unaware of it.

The woman tries to cross the road without noticing the open drain, drops right into it.

Passersby and residents jumped in to rescue the ill-fated woman.

The video shows men pulling the woman to safety. She could be seen covered in dirt and mud.

A ruckus breaks into the area. Some men were seen covering the drain with a piece of concrete slab so others wouldn't fall into it.

According to Times of India Patna, the drain was opened for some sewage work in the area, but workers forgot to close it after the job.

Local media said such incidents are common in the several areas of Patna. Residents have urged authorities to look into the matter and follow up with municipal authorities so that such an incident could be avoided.

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