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Asian worker charged with attempt to murder his colleague in Dubai


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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced an Asian worker to 3 years in jail to be followed by deportation on charges of premeditated attempt to murder his colleague, after the latter recorded phone conversations between the suspect and his wife and disclosed them.

The suspect confessed to his crime and said that he got angry because the victim had recorded a phone conversations between him (suspect) and his wife and divulged it to other colleagues.

Details date back to June 2021, when an Asian worker residing in a workers’ accommodation in the Muhaisnah area in Dubai reported  that one of his colleagues was assaulted with a knife inside his room. 


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The man said he rushed to his colleague's room after heard screams, there he saw the suspect running out of the room with a blood-stained knife in his hand.

The man added that the other workers also rushed help the victim who was stabbed on sevral parts of his body and was bleeding profusely.

They immediately called the police and an ambulance.

The victim was taken to the hospital and the suspect was arrested.

The victim said his colleague broke into his room and closed the door before attacking him.

He then stabbed him twice in his right arm, head and in the neck.

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