Dubai Customs foils smuggling of 8.3kg of crystal meth - GulfToday

Dubai Customs foils smuggling of 8.3kg of crystal meth


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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Dubai Customs officials at Dubai International Airport have thwarted a woman’s attempt to smuggle 8.3 kilogrammes of crystal meth into the emirate.

The female transit passenger, who was coming from Central America and heading to an Asian country, requested the airline company to deliver her luggage to her accommodation in the emirate during the transit short stay. The inspectors became suspicious of the traveller, and flagged her luggage for an X-ray. They found the prohibited drugs concealed in secret pockets and corners of the suitcase. She was handed over to Dubai Police for further legal procedures.

“Dubai Customs plays a vital role in the country’s efforts to fight narcotics trafficking through its advanced infrastructure and highly trained inspection officers,” said Ibrahim Kamali, Director of the Passenger Operations Department. “The inspectors identified the suspected luggage and the identity of the passenger, who requested her luggage be delivered to her accommodation in an attempt to mislead the staff.

Our inspectors receive intensive and advanced training to upgrade their skills and develop their capabilities to protect society from the hazards of these narcotics, or to prevent passing them to other countries through air, sea and land ports. This goes in line with the development and training policy that Dubai Customs follows as part of its 2021-2026 strategic plan and the organization’s vision to lead the customs sector worldwide.”

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