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Man attempts to kill wife


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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced an Asian to five years in jail to be followed by deportation. The man was convicted of attempting to kill his wife inside a villa in Jumeirah, Dubai, in which she worked as a maid.

The case dated back to August last year when a European woman filed a complaint in which she stated that her Asian maid had been stabbed several times in her villa. According to her statement in the investigations, the victim’s husband requested to enter the villa but she refused. He then requested to talk to his wife near the main gate of the villa and she allowed him to do so.

The complainant added that she was surprised that a verbal altercation occurred between the maid and her husband, as a result of which she asked him to leave. He, however, brought a knife and stabbed her several times in the neck and different parts of her body before he ran away. An ambulance rushed the maid while her husband was located and arrested.

The victim stated in the investigations that she had been married to her husband for 10 years but there were family disputes, as he kept asking her to leave her work as a maid in the European woman’s villa but she used always to refuse. On the day of the incident, he came to her place of work and asked her to give him his money, she said, adding that she gave him the money and asked him to leave the place.

The victim went on to say that her husband accused her of adultery and claimed that another person was inside her room at her workplace. He then requested to enter the place but she told him that this would not be allowed by the villa owner and that he should leave. At this point, he brandished a knife and started stabbing her in various parts of her body before he ran away.

A team of detectives managed to locate the suspect and arrest him. He confessed to having assaulted his wife with a knife but did not mean to kill her.

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