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Pakistani expats hail lone fighter Imran after he bowls out opposition


Gulf Today spoke to a number of Pakistani expats on the latest political development in Pakistan.

Mian Mujahid Shah, Gulf Today

Overseas Pakistanis have hailed Imran Khan’s “brave” move to call for snap polls after a no-trust motion against him was rejected by the National Assembly Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri.

Gulf Today spoke to a number of Pakistani expats on the latest political development in Pakistan.

Dibba-based businessman Sanaullah Khan said that Imran Khan has the ability to fight alone under any circumstances. “Until recently, the opposition parties wanted early elections. Now that Imran Khan has called for early elections, they are afraid to go to the Awaam (masses). Guess why? Because the masses will not forgive them for their disloyalty and for dishonouring their votes.


Sanaullah Khan.

“Imran will emerge stronger in the next election as the people have empathy for him after the opposition tabled a no-trust vote in the National Assembly,” Sanaullah remarked.

PTIsupporters-April3 Supporters of PTI shout slogans during a protest in front of the National Assembly. AP

Iftikhar Ahmed (Kaka), a Fujairah-based businessman, hailing from Lower Dir and a nationalist party supporter, admired Imran Khan for his courage to fight the whole opposition alone.


Iftikhar Ahmed Kaka.

“Me and my whole family are the supporters of Awami National Party (ANP.) Our great leader Bacha Khan was the man who always stood by his principles and today Imran Khan is following in his footsteps. Why I like Imran Khan and always support his positive steps for the betterment of the country, is because he has the courage,” Iftikhar opined. “I am a nationalist and I have my differences with Imran Khan but on his stance of integrity of Pakistan I stand by him. We overseas Pakistanis have always stood by Imran Khan and will continue to do so in future as well,” Iftikhar added.

Dubai-based marketing specialist Maeen Ud Din denounced the opposition bias against Imran, saying that the PTI government should complete its tenure. “Today, I am totally disheartened after hearing the news that the Parliament has been dissolved.”


Maeen Ud Din.

Maeen further said that Imran has built a very positive image of the country, especially a strong foreign policy. The recent meeting of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) member nations’ foreign ministers in Pakistan is an example of how Imran has boosted the international perception of our country.

Mujahid Ali, hailing from Upper Dir, said that although the opposition brought the no-trust motion to oust Imran Khan, they failed in their mission. They can’t defeat a man who always fought alone on many pitches.


Mujahid Ali.

“The opposition brought distrust to buy lawmakers of Imran's party via some internal and external conspiracy which was unconstitutional. “Imran tried to persuade everyone by adopting all constitutional means but they did not agree as they had sold their souls.

PTIoldsupporter Supporters of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf shout slogans during a protest in Islamabad. AP

“The overseas Pakistanis are always concerned about their country, we spent the last few weeks under a lot of tension but today Imran played his surprise card and dissolved the National Assembly. I along with my friends am very happy with this move of Imran Khan. God willing, he will win the next elections with a two-thirds majority,” Mujahid added.

Another diehard supporter of Imran, Ihsan Ullah Khan, was emotional when asked about the current situation in his home country. “I wish God give my remaining life to Imran Khan. He is not a leader of Pakistan, but he is the leader of Muslim Ummah. He is only one of the few leaders in the Muslim world who raised the voice of Muslims against Islamophobia at the United Nations.


Ihsan Ullah Khan.

“He wanted to establish a government like the state of Madinah, where everyone have freedom to live peacefully and right to justice,” the emotional Ihsan opined. “Believe me, I didn’t sleep last night and was keeping myself updated on political developments in Pakistan through social media and TV channels as I was concerned about my leader Imran Khan. But when I got the news that Imran has dissolved the NA, I heaved a sigh of relief and hope my 'Kaptaan' will be more stronger in the upcoming elections,” Ihasan added.

A Dubai-based employee in the hospitality sector, Shahzad Yousafzai, proudly said, "I am a strong supporter of my hero leader, Imran Khan." Shahzad added that "Pakistan is Heaven on Earth, but the opposition parties looted it badly for the last 30 years. And we have one hope in the shape of Imran. But their lust for power and corruption was exposed again when all of them submitted a no-trust vote against our leader."


Shahzad Yousafzai.

Imran was a cricket player who never gave up. I think Imran will reinforce his position and emerge the winner again in the next election, Shahzad added.

Zakaria belongs to Bannu, opposition leader Malauna Fzal-ur Rahman’s stronghold, but he is a diehard PTI supporter. He lauded Imran Khan for dissolving the National Assembly and showing the opposition that he will never give up, come what may. “Prime Minister Imran Khan has played a master stroke by giving the opposition a great surprise in the National Assembly. The people of Pakistan will give him 2/3 majority in the upcoming elections InshaAllah,” Zakaria added. “My family members support major opposition parties, but from the beginning I always stand by my 'Kaptaan.' What he did for the country, no other politician has done. He is a tiger and is never afraid to face any situation,” Zakaria added.

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