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Today is a battle for Pakistan, says Prime Minister Imran Khan


Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan attends a meeting. File photo

In his exclusive message for Sunday planned rally at the Parade Ground, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan urged the people to leave early for the public meeting, saying that "today is a battle for Pakistan and not for PTI", The News reported.

He maintained that it is a battle for the future of our nation and urged the people to come out of their homes to rewrite the history of Pakistan.

In view of the rush on the streets, he urged citizens to leave early so that they can reach their destination on time.


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On March 24, Khan had invited the nation to join him on March 27 to reinstate the government's stance against the "dacoits" ruling Pakistan for the last 30 years.

In a special message for the nation broadcast on television, social media and radio, the premier had said that the "group of bandits" who have been looting the county for the last 30 years have joined hands in "auctioning the conscience of the elected public representatives."

"They are practicing this publicly," he had said, adding that the people of Pakistan should join him on March 27 to convey their message that the nation is against evil.

He had said that the people should tell the opposition that the act of horse-trading being done from black money is "unacceptable" so that nobody dares to commit such crimes next time.

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