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Putin’s regime nearing its end: Ukrainian envoy to UN


Russian president Vladimir Putin speaks during a press conference. File photo

Ukraine’s ambassador at the UN Sergei Kyslytsya said not only Kyiv will survive the invasion from Moscow, but also that Russian president Vladimir Putin’s regime nears its end.

“What is happening now is not only about Ukraine’s survival. Unlike Putin and his henchmen, Ukraine will survive the Russian invasion,” Ukraine’s permanent member to the UN said on Monday, adding that the current situation is about the survival of the UN as well.


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“It is about the Putinization of Russia and its gradual return to the tenets of international law in the post-Putin era,” Kyslytsya said.

He added: “The Putin’s regime nears its end. At the same time, it has inflicted such heavy damage on the Russian society that it would take decades to bring Russia back to at least the level of democracy it achieved in the 90s over the past century.”

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