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One dead, 14 injured in separate traffic accidents in Dubai


Police officials inspect an accident site in Dubai.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

One man died, and 14 others were injured in eight separate traffic accidents over the last few days, the Acting Director of the Dubai Traffic Police has revealed.  

Colonel Jumaa Salem Bin Suwaidan, Acting Director of the General Directorate of Traffic at Dubai Police, said the accidents happened due to violations of traffic laws. 

"The first accident occurred last Thursday in Al Ain-Dubai Road, Al Ain-bound few feet away from Ruwayyah Bridge, when a driver of a light vehicle swerved suddenly to the right lane and crashed into another vehicle after a truck upfront reduced its speeds due to traffic. The accident left one severely injured," he explained.

Bin Suwaidan further explained that the second accident happened the next day on Friday between a light vehicle and a lorry on Emirates Road in front of Flydubai.

"The accident was due to failure to adhere to the road speed limit. It left the light vehicle driver sustaining serious injuries and his car greatly damaged," he confirmed.

Bin Suwaidan added that a motorcyclist was killed on Friday morning in a crash. He was speeding and failing to notice another vehicle upfront when its driver stopped suddenly and drove backwards, heading to the exit.

The Acting Director of Dubai Traffic Police stated that the fourth accident occurred on the same day on Rebat Road. "We received a report on an accident involving a motorcycle and two vehicles, which was caused by failing to keep a safe distance," "The crash left two mildly injured," he said.

Bin Suwaidan added that a man was severely injured in a run-over accident on Emirates Road, Sharjah-bound. He noted that the accident happened when the pedestrian was jaywalking and crossing the road from an undesignated area.

"A police patrol was involved in an accident on the Emirates Road, Dubai-bound, while the officers were attending to another accident. The accident happened when a light vehicle veered off the right side of the road suddenly and crashed into the patrol," he elaborated.

"The impact bounced back the vehicle and flipped it over in the middle of the road. The crash left four people sustaining mild injuries," Bin Suwaidan continued.

"On Saturday, an seventh accident happened on Al Quoz Industrial Area 1, when a light vehicle suddenly swerved onto the other lane and crashed into a motorcycle. The impact left the motorcyclist seriously injured," Bin Suwaidan added.

Col. bin Suwaidan concluded that another motorcyclist was injured severely in a hit-and-run accident on Al Khawaneej Road.

The Acting Director of Dubai Traffic Police warned against excessive speeding, improper overtaking, sudden swerving, and distracted driving.

He also urged public members to abide by traffic laws and regulations at all times, as these are vital to protecting the lives of road users and properties.

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