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Court orders man to return vehicle to wife


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Aya El Deeb, Staff Reporter

A dispute over a vehicle worth Dhs5,000 led a woman and her husband to court, where the woman filed a lawsuit, demanding her husband to give back her vehicle to her and pay a traffic fine of Dhs75.

The woman requested the court to obligate her husband to pay the lawsuit fees also.

The appellant indicated that her husband took her vehicle and refused to return it back without legal justification. She attached with her lawsuit a copy of the vehicle’s licence and a copy of the traffic fine number.

In court, the husband affirmed that the vehicle belonged to him, and requested to hear witnesses, so the court referred the case for investigation to hear the testimony of witnesses.

During the court’s hearing of the witness brought by the husband, the latter interfered with the information provided by the witness, so the court ended the session.

The Abu Dhabi Court for Family and Civil and Administrative Cases ruled that the husband must return the vehicle back to his wife, and obligated him to pay the lawsuit and lawyer’s fees.

The court rejected the wife’s claim to obligate the husband to pay the traffic fine, for not providing evidence of the fine, stressing that according to the vehicle’s licence, it was registered in her name, consequently she was the actual owner of the vehicle.

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