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Abu Dhabi Police seize 2.9 tonnes of drugs


The smugglers in police custody.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Abu Dhabi Police seized 2.9 tonnes of drugs and 1.4 million tablets of psychotropic substances during 2021, with a value of Dhs1.2 billion, in separate operations.

Major General Mohammed Suhail Al Rashidi, Director of the Criminal Security Sector, said the Abu Dhabi Police follow an integrated strategy to pursue and apprehend drug traffickers, whatever methods they followed to  mislead authorities

Al Rashidi emphasised the importance of cooperation with the relevant institutions and all the society members in the protection from dangers of drugs. He pointed out that working as one team is very important to confront the scourge effectively and reduce its dangers and the consequent damage and risks to society.

He also indicated that the development and modernity of the Abu Dhabi police forces enabled them to carry out their duties, provide an integrated security umbrella in the face of drugs, arrest those involved in smuggling, promoting and trafficking and bring them to justice.

Brigadier Taher Ghareeb Al Dhaheri, Director of the Narcotics Control Directorate in the Criminal Security Sector, attributed the success of Abu Dhabi Police in seizing narcotic substances and arresting traffickers to the proactive operations and efficiency of the directorate teams.

Al Dhaheri called on society members to enhance ways of cooperation with Abu Dhabi Police in cordoning off the scourge of drugs, and reducing the risks of its spread among the young through providing information through the “Aman” phone number 8002626.

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