Bride, groom fight during wedding, then share ‘happily married’ video - GulfToday

Bride, groom fight during wedding, then share ‘happily married’ video


A screengrabe taken from the video.

Gulf Today Report

The Social media platforms in Egypt shared several videos of a groom wearing a wedding suit assaulting his bride in her white dress, minutes after she left the hairdresser's shop, on their way to the wedding hall on Sultan Hussein Street in Ismailia Governorate.

The video showed the groom punching the bride and pulling her hair.

The Egyptian newspaper “Al Youm Al Sabea” reported that the reason for the quarrel was an argument between the bride and the groom's sister.

In another video clip on Facebook, one of the women who filmed the incident from her balcony described how the groom hit his wife and pulled her by hair.

The video also showed the voice of another woman shouting angrily: "Even if he was her husband, how can he beat her in the street?"

Despite what happened, the newlyweds completed the wedding ceremony and published videos of the two families after the reconciliation, while they were dancing in the hall, then the newlyweds appeared in another video affirming that they are in agreement, and that they have overcome the differences.



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