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Mother kills 3-year-old daughter on 'orders of cartoon character SpongeBob'


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In a rarest of rare case a 22-year-old mother in America stabbed and killed her 3-year-old daughter claiming that she was ordered to do so by famous cartoon character ‘SpongeBob.’

Justin Johnson, 22, was arrested on the charges of premeditated murder.

During interrogations,  the twenty-year-old mother admitted that she killed her 3-year-old daughter and placed her body in a garbage bag on orders she received from "SpongeBob."

According to Child Protection Agency investigator Ryan Eberli, the mother said, "SpongeBob is the one who told me to kill her."

According to the New York Post, and the investigator indicated that the accused killed her daughter on Sept.16, 2021, just two days after the child’s third birthday.

She was arrested in the US state of Michigan on charges of premeditated murder and child abuse in the first degree.

Ryan asserted in court that drugs played a major role in the incident.

The mother cried throughout court proceedings, while telling the investigator she had no recollection of killing her daughter.

"She told me she had no recollection of the details of what happened at the time of child’s murder, and that she had hallucinations due to heroin withdrawal and no sleep for about two weeks," Ryan added.

The investigator added: Justin was in her mother's apartment before the murder, and on her way home, she lost consciousness in a cemetery.


The investigator added that when she finally woke up and came home, she thought the TV was talking to her and telling her to kill her daughter or she would die.


The mother faces life in prison if convicted and is currently being held without bail, and a preliminary hearing is scheduled for Feb.

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