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Booster dose makes one less likely to get infected, UAE tells residents


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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The UAE health authorities have urged residents to take COVID-19 vaccine's booster dose as it makes one less likely to get infected with the virus.

“Even if one gets infected with virus after taking the booster dose one is less likely to develop serious reactions,” the authorities added.

During it weekly media briefing on COVID-19 situation in the country, the authorities said that “studies published by World Health Organisation (WHO) indicate that receiving a booster dose makes you less likely to get infected and in the case of infection, it is less likely to develop severe reactions.”

MohaP booster request

“We urge members of the community who have not yet been vaccinated to take the vaccine,” official said further.

During the briefing authorities urged the community to follow preventive measures by wearing masks, avoiding crowded places, and sanitising regularly, the health of our society is a priority and the collective responsibility of all its members.

Officials also emphasised on the importance of taking regular PCR test to aid early detection of the infection and the adoption of appropriate treatment protocols, which in turn reduce the severity of the disease.

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“The UAE has utilised artificial intelligence and advanced technologies with the aim of analysing data to continue to forecast and to empower decision making,” official said.

“The health sector has paid close attention to raising community awareness about COVID-19 and ensuring that information is easily accessible through it’s official platforms.”

Official stressed that the UAE has highlighted health as a priority, this was evident through its keenness in providing the vaccine and booster doses for all segments of society, as it is considered a key factor in building immunity against the virus and it’s variants.



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