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Four men jailed in guard’s murder case


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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

Two Africans and two Asians killed a guard at a site under construction after gagging and tying him down while he was sleeping to steal electrical cables. The Criminal Court sentenced the two Africans to seven years in jail and sentenced the Asian ones to three years in jail. The Court of Appeal, however, increased the sentence to 10 years against the two Africans and to five years against the two Asians.

The case dated back to June 2020 when a foreman reported the death of a guard of a site under construction in the International City. The foreman testified that in the early hours of the incident, he received a call from a worker telling him that he saw the guard tied down with an adhesive tape on his neck and lying down on his face, adding that he called the police accordingly.

According to a policeman, a team of detectives collected inferences and reliable information that four people were involved in the incident. The defendants were arrested and one of the Africans confessed to having agreed with his fellow man to steal electric cables and sell the same to two Asians.

The second admitted that he went with his colleague to a site under construction to hand the electric cables over to the other Asian defendants, who were supposed to transport the cables in their truck. He added that he kept an open eye on the guard until he fell asleep and subsequently he and his colleague entered the guard’s room and took him by surprise.

 They then assaulted the guard and tied his hands, legs, mouth and eyes with an adhesive tape.

The second defendant admitted that after bringing the guard under control, he called the Asians to steal the electric cables but the latter said they were interested to agree on that with the guard. One of the Asians tried to untie the guard but found that he was already dead and they ran away without stealing the electrical cables.

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