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Bull storms a restaurant and throws a customer in the air


A videograb shows the bull entering the restaurant.

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A bull entered a restaurant in China, threw a customer in the air and then went out of the restaurant leaving customers and the staff running for the cover.

The incident reportedly took place in the eastern city of Taizhou, China. The man, who was attacked by the bull, sustained injuries in the leg and was taken to hospital.

Footage of surveillance cameras installed in a restaurant in China showed a bull storming a restaurant and attacking a customer.

 In the video clip that seemed filmed on the last day of last December, two men appeared standing inside a restaurant, before the bull entered.

As one was opening a drink and the other was busy with his smartphone, a huge bull appeared through the doorway, sending one of the two customers off-camera.

After about 20 seconds, the bull returned through a different entrance, smashing the furniture with its horns and hooves. Then it went out through the door from where it first entered.

A rope also can be seen hanging from the bull, as some commented that it may survived being slaughtered by a butcher.


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