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Asian gets life in jail for murdering his friend in Dubai


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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

An Asian premeditatedly killed his fellow friend after he had discovered that he communicated with his sister on her phone and asked her to have an affair with him.

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced the killer to life imprisonment to be followed by deportation. The verdict was upheld by the Court of Appeal.

The case dates back to February last year when the police received a report of a murder in a sand area in Jebel Ali.

A policeman stated during the investigations that a team of detectives managed to reach a man who was suspected of being the murderer.

According to the investigations, the suspect stated that he had a friendship and business relationship with the victim and that a verbal altercation and a fist fight happened between them two days before the murder.

This followed a dispute that erupted after the suspect discovered that the victim was communicating with his sister on her mobile in her home country to force her to establish an illegitimate relationship with him.

The suspect continued that he asked the victim to stop communicating with his sister, but the latter kept provoking him by repeatedly contacting his sister.

Consequently, the suspect agreed with the victim to end the dispute between them in a sandy area in Jebel Ali, where the crime occurred.

The Dubai Public Prosecution charged the suspect with premeditated murder as he had the intent to kill the victim and planned to do so when he took scissors and a scalpel with him and lured the victim to a sandy yard, where he attacked him with the intent to kill him.

The Court of First Instance sentenced the suspect to life imprisonment to be followed by deportation but the Public Prosecution appealed the verdict and demanded the sentence to be stiffened and the convict to be given death penalty.

In the appeal session, however, the convict denied his intent to premeditatedly kill the victim and his appointed attorney demanded that he be pronounced innocent.


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