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Dhs5,000 monthly bonus for citizens with Nafis training


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The official platform of the federal government programme, to raise the competitiveness of national cadres and enable them to occupy jobs in the private sector institutions in the country during the next five years “Nafis”, revealed that once a candidate for vocational training was appointed, and upon additional verification, the citizen will be able to apply for a vocational training allowance of Dhs5,000.

The Khebra program, which is among the projects and initiatives of “Nafis”, aims to provide vocational and practical training for national graduates from various scientific and professional disciplines, in cooperation with private and semi-governmental companies, where the training period reaches 12 months.

It also provides financial support to new Emirati graduates participating in practical training programmes.

In companies in the private sector and the semi-governmental sector, with the aim of supporting citizens with experiences that qualify them to join distinguished jobs in the private sector.

Regarding the financial support initiatives for citizens working in the private sector, the Nafis platform clarified that most of the financial support initiatives apply to those joining the private sector after the date of the announcement of the Nafis initiatives on September 13, 2021, in addition to other criteria that differ according to the initiative, and the children’s allowance initiative Some of the training and development initiatives include workers in the private sector before September 2021.

The allowance for children of workers in the private sector is considered the first of its kind at the state level, where the government will disburse allowances to the children of citizens working in private sector institutions that compete with allowances in the government sector by allocating Dhs800 per month for each child, with a maximum of Dhs3,200 per month for workers with salaries less than 20,000 dirhams monthly.

The platform indicated that citizens can submit a request for the bonus through the digital platform, after ensuring that the conditions required to obtain the benefits of the bonus program for children of workers in the private sector are met.

The bonuses are transferred through a prepaid card created by the user on the platform, which enables him to obtain monthly access to The government allowance for children is based on the number of children and the current monthly salary. Government support is provided to a maximum of four children.

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