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Court obligates woman to pay Dhs150,000 for not honouring lawsuit waiver deal


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Aya Al Deeb, Staff Reporter

A man filed a lawsuit against a woman requesting the court to obligate her to pay Dhs100,000 back to him and a compensation of Dhs50,000.

He pointed out that he paid the woman Dhs100,000 in return for waiving a lawsuit that she had filed against him but was surprised when she rejected to waive the lawsuit and denied receiving the money.

The Abu Dhabi Family, Civil and Administrative Cases Court confirmed in its verdict that the defendant admitted that she had breached the contract concluded with the plaintiff and acknowledged receipt of the amount.

It noted that the plaintiff had the right to demand termination of the contract concluded with the defendant because the latter had not fulfilled her obligations in it and had caused financial harms to the plaintiff. By not paying the required amount and then depriving him of his rights.

The court ruled that the defendant be obligated to pay Dhs100,000 to the plaintiff in addition to Dhs3,000 in compensation for the financial harms he sustained, a deferred interest of 5 per cent of the adjudged amount and the lawyer’s fees.

The plaintiff in his lawsuit has explained that he handed Dhs100,000 over to the defendant’s lawyer in return for her waiver and that she signed a declaration to this effect.

But she later did not honour her obligation and appeared before the Public Prosecution during its investigation to deny receiving the amount or issuing any waiver in his favour.

He consequently filed a civil lawsuit against the defendant’s lawyer to recover the amount handed over to him for conciliation and waiver and the court ruled that the lawyer be obligated to refund the amount.

The lawyer appealed against the verdict but the court ruled that the case be dismissed.

As the case was being heard, the woman confirmed the fact that she had written an ordinary paper relinquishing the case she filed against the plaintiff in return for a Dhs100,000 compensation for the harm inflicted on her.

She added that she was deceived by her lawyer, who told her that the amount was not rewarding compared to her severe harms and she could request the amount to be increased through a lawsuit in which she should deny receiving the amount.

When she knew about the lawsuit filed against her, she went to her lawyer but found that he was in prison, and consequently she denied receiving the money, she said.

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