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Day colder with night rain across country


Several parts of the UAE witnessed rain.

Emad El Din Khalil, Staff Reporter

Different rains hit sporadic areas of the country on Wednesday, when it started to fall at 1.30am on Al Samha, Saih Shuaib, Al Bahia, Al Shahama, and different regions of Abu Dhabi.

It also lashed Nahel Road, Rakna, Suwaihan and Jebel Hafeet in Al Ain.

The least temperature, 3.9°C, was recorded in Jebel Jess in Ras Al Khaimah at 00:15am on Wednesday, while Jebel Al Mebrah recorded 6.8°C, Al Jazeerah Border guards 8.4°C, Jebel Hafeet 8.6°C and Wateed 9.5°C.

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) advised motorists to be cautious during driving with the lack of horizontal visibility due to rains and dust stirring winds. It also advised people to keep away from the places of water gathering and valleys.

Abu Dhabi Police called on drivers to leave a sufficient safety distance, adhere to speeds on the information signs on the roads,  reduce speeds to 80 kilometres/hour and not be busy with things other than the road to maintain the safety of everyone.

The NCM expected a decline in the weather instability as of Thursday, when the weather will be partially cloudy in general and sometimes dust stirring. The formation of low clouds are expected to intense particularly on some coastal areas and the islands.

It also expected the winds to be moderate and northwest, active and sometimes strong and stirring dust, resulting in low horizontal visibility, at speeds ranging between 25 to 35 up to 55 kilometres/hour.  The sea is expected to be very turbulent to rough in the Arabian Gulf and moderate in the Sea of Oman, the NCM indicated.

According to the NCM, the weather on Friday will be clear in general, with higher temperatures. It will be wet on the night and morning on some coastal and inlands.

Winds on Friday are expected to be northwesterly to northeast, light to moderate, at speeds ranging between 15 to 25 up to 35 kilometres/hour.

The sea on Friday is expected to be turbulent, turning to moderate in the afternoon in the Arabian Gulf and moderate to light in the Sea of Oman.

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