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Two Filipinos get death sentence for peddling narcotics


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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The Abu Dhabi Criminal Court sentenced two Filipinos to death on charges of possessing and peddling narcotics and psychotropic substances. It also ordered the seized materials to be destroyed and the mobile phones used and the cash money generated to be confiscated.

The defendants used to peddle narcotics and psychotropic substances for some drug dealers outside the UAE in exchange for sums of money. They used to receive large quantities of drugs placed in uninhabited places before the co-ordinates of the location of these drugs were sent to them. Later, they used to sort the narcotics and psychotropic substances and put them into rolls before distributing the same in the places they deemed appropriate.

The co-ordinates and photos were sent back to the drug dealers who in turn sent them to those who wanted to buy and obtain them through WhatsApp. Following intensive investigations, a search warrant was issued by the Abu Dhabi Public Prosecution to search the defendants and their residence.

The police arrested the defendants and upon searching their residence, a suspected crystalline substance was found and was later proved to a psychotropic substance. Mobile phones used by the defendants for peddling their narcotics through WhatsApp were also seized.

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