Abu Dhabi shares eerie video of COVID lockdown, urges residents to take steps to avoid such scenes - GulfToday

Abu Dhabi shares eerie video of COVID lockdown, urges residents to take steps to avoid such scenes


A deserted street is seen during national sterilisation programme in Abu Dhabi. File

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The Abu Dhabi Government Media Office urged residents and visitors take all precautionary measures to avoid getting infected with COVID-19 virus.

The media reminded people of the deserted streets in the emirate in 2021 during the national disinfection programme to curb the spread of virus.

The media office shared a video and wrote, “Remember how eerie it was to see pictures of deserted streets in Abu Dhabi during the national sterilisation programme?

“We urge the community to remain committed in the fight against Covid-19 by taking responsibility and adhering to precautionary measures to protect public health.

“Our discipline demonstrates our awareness.

Our dedication reflects our love for all.”

Abu Dhabi has take stringent steps to fight the virus.

The emirate has put checkposts for EDE scanners to COVID-19 cases and PCR test facilities.

It made mandatory for all government employees to undergo PCR tests every seven days in order to work in the office.

All government establishments will receive vaccinated and COVID-19 negative visitors only.

Recently, UAE said it will ban non-vaccinated citizens from travelling abroad starting from Jan.10.  

The National Crisis & Emergency Management Authority (NCEMA) and MoFAIC UAE said, “Ban on Travel on UAE citizens unvaccinated with COVID-19 vaccine, starting Jan.10, 2022, with a requirement to obtain the booster dose for the fully vaccinated. With an exemption for medically exempted from taking the vaccine, humanitarian & treatment cases.”

Travel is permitted for unvaccinated citizens from the following categories:
—Individuals medically exempted from taking vaccine.

—Humanitarian Cases

— Individuals travelling for medical and treatment purposes

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