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COVID-19 related hospitalisation low in UAE, say health experts

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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The UAE government has announced that hospitalization rate is low in the country despite the sharp rise in COVID-19 cases.  

The authorities said, “In light of the high number of injuries in the country compared to the past months and weeks, we affirm the stability of the health and medical situation in all state hospitals, as more than 55% of hospital beds and intensive care beds in the country are vacant. And the household occupancy rate for Covid-19 does not exceed 3%.”

The health authorities said that human health and safety is one of the most important priorities of the UAE, and therefore obtaining the booster and booster dose is an essential support for obtaining the antibodies necessary to prevent the mutations and genetic mutations of the coronavirus.

The health experts, in coordination and cooperation with partners, closely follows the developments of the epidemiological situation in the countries most prevalent with mutated mutants, and therefore we recommend the public to follow up on all developments related to the countries they wish to travel to, in order to ensure their health and safety.

All sectors work in cooperation with the health sector to their fullest potential through continuous analysis of the epidemiological situation locally and globally, the impact of changes, the development of expected scenarios and immediate response methods.

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