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UAE residents must follow latest travel guidelines to avoid being stranded


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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The UAE government urged everyone wishing to travel out the UAE to check the latest guidelines of the visiting country to avoid getting stranded in the wake of Omicron.

The health expert said, “We ask citizens and residents wishing to travel to learn about the requirements and procedures of the visiting countries and adhere to them, to avoid any penalties for violations in these countries.”

The health experts also said that those wishing to travel or return to the UAE are required to take the required tests on time before embarking on their journey.

The experts said, “We also call upon all members of the society who have not been yet taken the vaccine to protect themselves and those around them.”

In accordance with the UAE’s keenness to follow the best means to protect society, it was necessary to encourage booster doses to control the pandemic and ensure protection from mutants.

The authorities said, “We confirm that the development process is ongoing on vaccines and medicines to reach proper vaccines that can help confront the genetic mutations of the virus.”

“We encourage the public to cooperate and adhere to the preventive measures to address the COVID-19 pandemic, such as wearing face masks, avoiding crowded areas and sanitizing frequently. Our society’s health is our priority and the responsibility of each one of us.”

The UAE has accomplished many successes which we have to maintain through the engagement and commitment of the public to achieve recovery and ensure the return to new normalcy.

The UAE has become the world’s leading country in handling the COVID-19 pandemic last November, according to Bloomberg's Covid Resilience Ranking. The report states that the UAE is one of only seven countries worldwide occupying leading positions on the index since its launch.

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