Wife and children shoot dead father in sleep, burn body in Iraq - GulfToday

Wife and children shoot dead father in sleep, burn body in Iraq


The wife and children pose for a photograph in police custody.

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The Iraqi Ministry of Interior revealed the details of a horrific crime in Basra Governorate in Iraq, which resulted in the killing of a father at the hands of his wife and children.

The Iraqi Security Media Cell said in a post on its official account on Facebook: “With high professionalism and extensive intelligence work, the Federal Intelligence and Investigation Agency in the Ministry of Interior continues to perform its duties, as it was able to uncover a mysterious murder of a burnt and charred man of unknown identity and features, lying on the edge of a river in Al-Haritha district, Basra Governorate.”


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The authorities added, “The process of revealing this crime came after the case was referred by the investigative judge to the Federal Intelligence and Investigation Agency, which in turn intensified its intelligence effort and in-depth investigation with the victim's wife and two sons.”

The post continued: “After confronting them with the evidence, they confessed to killing the victim while he was sleeping, with a GC rifle, by shooting him in the head and then taking him to the back of the house, pouring kerosene, and setting the body on fire until it was charred.”

The Security Media Cell attributed the crime to "major family problems between them that led to the agreement of the wife and her two children to execute the heinous crime."

The authorities concluded, “The weapon used in the crime was seized and their statements were recorded with confession and evidence was revealed and came in conformity with the confessions, so the investigating judge decided to arrest them in accordance with the provisions of Article (406 of the Penal Code) and refer them to the judiciary to receive their punishment.”

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