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VIDEO: Bus drivers protect motorcycle courier riders against powerful winds in Istanbul


A videograb shows buses escort motorcycle riders in strong winds in Istanbul.

Gulf Today Report

A video of two school buses escorting a group of courier employees on motorcycle in powerful storm in Istanbul has gone viral.

A twitter user wrote, “Due to the Storm in Istanbul, motorcycles were escorted by buses to cross Bosphorus Bridge.”

The country’s tourism, Entertainment and Service Workers Union called for the couriers not to be ordered unless it is urgent, for their safety.

Turkey is experiencing the most powerful storm in recent years after strong winds up to 130 km hit Istanbul and other parts of the country on Monday, killing at least four people and causing havoc in the city of 15 million people.

A woman died in Istanbul's Esenyurt district, where strong gusts tore off part of a roof and it landed on her and her child.

The child survived with injuries.

Due to the severe winds, 2 fishing boats on the beach in Pendik sank. A fishing boat crashed into the rocks and shattered.

Hiwron said on Twitter, “Let's support the courier employees, no one will order tomorrow…”

Kadir Güneş said on Twitter, “Is there a need to order at home these days, why don't companies cancel orders to home on such days. They risk the lives of couriers to earn more money.”

Another said, “May Allah help all the workers and poor people who run for the cause of bread. Good luck on your way.”

A social media user said, “The world has become so bad that we are surprised by looking at the good things that should be normal as if they are abnormal… By the way, a very beautiful view…”

 One said, “Is it hard to say they shouldn't work in this weather? Couriers worked for up to an hour…”

On Tuesday, the Bosphorus, the narrow waterway that runs through the city, was closed to maritime traffic and ferry services were canceled.

At least six Turkish Airlines flights scheduled to land in Istanbul were diverted to the cities of Ankara and Izmir.

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