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VIDEO: Dubai Police arrest 91 drug dealers, seize drugs worth Dhs176m


The culprits under the Police custody with seize drugs.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Codenamed 'Locations', Dubai Police’s latest operation dismantled a criminal network of drug dealers who coordinated with an overseas criminal syndicate to promote their toxins in the country via social media platforms. The Force also uncovered more than one ton of buried narcotics in different locations across the country, with an estimated street value of more than AED 176m ($48m).

According to Dubai Police, the operation resulted in the arrest of 91 drug dealers operating in coordination with an international drug syndicate overseas and the seizure of 1,342kg of narcotics and psychotropic substances.  

His Excellency Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, said Op' Locations' is another example of their continuous keenness on combating organised crime and protecting society against all harms, especially drugs.


In a statement unveiling details of the operation, Lt. Gen. Al Marri urged public members to report cybercriminals and suspicious online activities to the Force's anti-cybercrime platform:

"Criminals have been exploiting the advancements of technology, including social media platforms, to serve their harmful agendas. Therefore, social media users must remain vigilant when using these platforms and not fall prey to online cybercriminals and drug dealers," Lt. Gen. Al Marri said.

Securing Cyberspace

Expert Major General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Criminal Investigation Affairs, reaffirmed that Dubai Police's scope of work goes beyond protecting lives and securing physical space onto securing cyberspace and thwarting the schemes of cybercriminals and online drug dealers and promoters.

"Op Locations is another proof of efforts exerted by Dubai Police's highly qualified experts and criminal investigators, as well as the advanced methods and technologies utilised by the Force to combat organised crime and drug abuse," Maj. Gen. Al Mansouri added. 

Exploiting Social Media

Maj. Gen. Al Mansouri explained that they were tipped off that an international criminal syndicate had been using social media platforms to promote narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances inside the country.

"Upon verifying the security tip, several field teams of different disciplines were formed to investigate the syndicate's illegal activities and locate their accomplices," Maj. Gen. Al Mansouri said.

Maj. Gen. Al Mansouri said Dubai Police investigators realised that the drug dealers would bury and hide narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances in different locations across the country and then share the coordinates with merchants overseas in an effort to avoid suspicions and elude detectives.

"Later, the drug dealers would take over the process and communicate with those wishing to purchase the harmful toxins within the country and share the hiding locations once payment is made," he continued.

Operation 'Locations'

Colonel Khalid bin Muwaiza, Deputy Director of the General Department of Anti-Narcotics at Dubai Police, said Op Locations resulted in the arrest of 91 suspects and the seizure of 1,342 kilograms of narcotics and psychotropic substances, including 809,534 kilograms of hashish, 485,491 kilograms of crystal meth, 41,888 kilograms of heroin, 117,480 narcotic pills, 5,241 kilograms of marijuana, 154 grams of cocaine, and 15 grams of opium.

According to Col. bin Muwaiza the narcotics seized have an estimated street value of 176,395,578 million dirhams.

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