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Poultry farm owner blames loud music for death of 63 chickens


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Loud music does disturb many and there had been conflicts in the past over the issue. Neighbours fighting over the blaring music played in their locality is a usual sight in India.


But a recent incident in India’s eastern state of Odisha involving loud music took a rather unusal turn when a poultry owner blaming that loud music played at a wedding caused the death of his 63 chickens.


Ranjit Kumar Parida, the owner of the poultry, in his complaint said that party was blasting out "ear-splitting noise while it passed his poultry farm in shortly before midnight on Sunday.


He said that his repeated requests to lower the volume of music fell on deaf ears.


Later after examining the dead chickens, a vet told Parida that chickens had died of heart attack.


After which Parida filed a police complaint against the wedding organisers and sought compensation.


However, the wedding organisers refused to pay the compensation.


Police took upon themselves to mediate and requested both parties to solve the matter mutually.


Finally their efforts paid of and both parties resolved the matter amicably and the poultry farm owner withdrew the complaint.

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