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Egypt forces arrest gang of human organ traffickers


The suspects after their arrest.

Gulf Today Report

Egypt has arrested a gang of human organ traffickers, which used to lure people to sell their kidneys at a very low price and the gang used to sell it to patients needing transplant at a much higher price.

The Interior Ministry said on its Facebook page that investigations affirmed that 10 suspects, including three doctors, an employee at a kidney institute, an employee at a private lab, a nurse at a private hospital, formed a gang to traffic in human organs.

The ministry indicated that the gangsters used to lure victims through ads on social networking sites and convinced them to donate one of the two kidneys to some patients with kidney failure in return for money ranging between 20,000 and 30,000 Egytptian pounds, while the gangsters get up to 250,000 from the patient.

The gang also forged medical and radiology reports of donors with medical problems which may prevent them from such donation.

They presented these fake reports to the concerned bodies to be able to get approval to kidney transplantation without legal accountability.

The ministry affirmed that the gang performed about 120 kidney transplantation before they were apprehended.

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