UAE residents urged to take booster shots as new virus wave hits Europe - GulfToday

UAE residents urged to take booster shots as new virus wave hits Europe


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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The authorities in the UAE have urged residents to take COVID-19 booster shots to increase immunity in the society.

“New waves of the virus have been discovered in a number of countries, which are mainly due to non-adherence to precautionary measures and the need to increase vaccination rates,” official said during weekly briefing on COVID-19 situation in the UAE.

“In light of the spread of variants and because most countries are facing new outbreaks, people are encouraged to take the booster shot of the vaccine to increase immunity in the society,” official said.

“Studies have shown that taking the booster shot increases the body’s immunity,” official explained.

New virus wave

“The country has established readiness plans to prepare for all challenges related to pandemic and its repercussions by relying on its proactive strategy based on monitoring and analytical information.”

Official said that this can be achieved by adhering to precautionary measures amidst the gradual reopening and return to normalcy.

“As we approach the country’s Golden Jubilee and the celebration of 50 years of achievements and successes, everyone must play their role in protecting these successes’” said official at the briefing.

“The UAE shall rise with the efforts and adherence of its community, in order to protect the country’s achievements and reduce the spread of the virus,” official concluded.

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