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VIDEO: Elephant escapes after climbing over a fence in India


A videograb shows the elephant climbing the fence.

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A video of an elephant trying to climb over an iron fence has triggered social media frenzy. The incident, which is recorded in India’s Karnataka province near Mysuru, has busted the age-old myth that humans could stop elephants with fence as the tuskers are considered too lazy and heavy to dare to climb the fence and escape.

In the viral video shows that initially elephant found it difficult to climb the fence but in the later part of the video viewers were surprised too the tusker accomplished the ‘herculean task.’

Elephant planted its forelimbs on the other side of the fence before carefully taking his hindlimbs over the fence.

The video was shared on Twitter by IAS officer Supriya Sahu, who captioned it, “Speechless.”

So far the video has garnered over 1.86 lakh views and had over 15,500 likes.

Many of the viewers were surprised to see an elephant cross a fence so easily.

One user wrote that they had seen the “gentle giants” climb over bamboo fences while they could have simply broken those and walked through.

Another user Venky tweeted “I have seen video of these gentle giants cross over a flimsy bamboo fence similarly. When they could have easily walked through them.

One user even found it cute and wrote “thats so cute.....reminded me of a small kid jumping over the fence with a little struggle....

One twitterati wrote, “Traffic violation Rs500  fine must be imposed on that elephant.”

However, not all were pleased with tusker’s move and questioned the legality of the fence.

One twitteratn wrote “why is that fence there? Is it legal? Why it is taking this much of effort to climb over it? This has to be looked into before we get stunned.”

other one wrote “make some arrangements ma'am so that animals don't have to suffer you are in charge of some power. If can't then no one can’t.”

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