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International Fashion Week Dubai features top designers


International and regional designers have showcased their latest creations at the International Fashion Week Dubai.

Jamil Khan, Senior Reporter

As many as 20 top international and regional designers have showcased their latest creations at the International Fashion Week Dubai and mesmerised the audience from different backgrounds.

The event was patronised by the Royal Office of Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al Qassimi, represented by Tomasz Zaleski, Chairman.

The stunner fashion event started with the exclusive opening gala dinner in witness with prestigious royal families from five countries, Princess Madawi Bint Al Mountaser Bin Saud, Princess Sara Bint Al Mountaser Bin Saud Bin Abdulaziz, Sheikha Jawahar Bint Khalifa Al Khalifa, Sheikh Juma Bin Maktoum Bin Juma Al Maktoum, Tomasz Zaleski, Sheikh Dr Obaid Bin Suhail Al Maktoum, celebrities such as Simon Hadshiti, Negin Yadollahi, Maher Al Khaja, Presiana, Leyla Felali and Yasmin.

Cheryle Dias, Founder and Managing Director of the event while talking to media said, “We did it once again. We all thank to the Almighty for giving her the energy to put up such a show as every designers brought their top high-end creations to please the Dubai.”

She expressed that each and everyone present at the show congratulated her for this big achievement.

The legendary Michel Adam was present for the inauguration ceremony and cut the ribbon with other great people. He also appeared on finale to witness the Miss FTV & IFWD.

Wassim Mandil, prominent media celebrity as usual, presented the show with full zeal as the official MC of IFWD. He engaged the audience with his charming personality whilst putting up a fantastic show for everyone and the media.

International Fashion Week Dubai Season 12 Spring-Summer 2022 featured regional and international high-class designers from the UAE, Poland, Philippines, Kuwait, Bulgaria, Turkey, Indonesia, Syria, Mongolia, Mauritius, Romania and many more.

This season IFWD was supported by Lafayette Galleries Paris, FTV, Sultan Jewellery, IRIS luxury lounge, French Tourism, Mongolia Tourism and many more. The week-long event has welcomed over 5000 fashionistas worldwide that united in Dubai to celebrate the in-person Spring 2022 collection.

On the day one, brand from Poland, Jab Petelicka, has opened the season with dramatic attention to handcraft and embroideries that embodied the brand. Evening gowns and couture bodysuits were the most featured silhouettes on the runway.

Tania Costa from Bulgaria, based in Kuwait, brought her extraordinary collection of hats that were handcrafted. She was delighted to present her collection in IFWD season 12

Noza Nova Poland has showcased their Polish label and presented a sustainable collection. They believe in sustainability, which brought extraordinary attention to the audience, especially to Sheikha Jawahar Bint Khalifa Al Khalifa.

Raid has from the Maldives had their ethnic collection to show the world their culture. She mentioned in her interview that she had been to various big shows in the world but had never seen such an organized event. With so many high profile people attending the show at International Fashion Week Dubai, she also mentioned other events do not care about their designers. IFWD started with a luxurious gala dinner and an amazing after-party at the Iris Club.

Ali Assad from Syria and based in UAE, joined IFWD season 12 and presented a lovely couture collection with beautiful pastel colours, which were the style statement for the evening. He was genuinely obliged by IFWD to give him a chance to display his collection on this massive platform.

On second day, Emirati designer Yasmine Mohammad Kamel & Jeasrc Laire Estaca (Filpino) from Miller Couture had a fantastic evening and bridal wear collection. The audience remained mesmerised with the collection, so much so that the hall went into pin-drop silence during the show. She thanked the IFWD team for putting up such a wonderful show.

Anna Cashmere from Mongolia brought the most expensive Cashmere outfits to display at the event. The elegant and straightforward Cashmere collection became famous on the ramp of IFWD.

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