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Man caught with 4.9kg of cocaine, jailed for 10 years


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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Court of Appeal upheld a ruling issued by the Court of First Instance against a visitor from a Latin American country to be imprisoned for 10 years, fined Dhs50,000, and deported after serving the terms, for bringing 4.9 kg of cocaine inside his bags.

The case dates back to last January, when a customs inspector at the Dubai Airport suspected the bags belonging to one of the arrivals to the country. According to the statement of the customs inspector in the investigations, he stopped the convict and searched the bags, where he found 9 plastic bags containing white powder of cocaine weighing 4,900 grams. Accordingly, the convict was transferred to the police, where he was interrogated about his attempt to pass drugs into the country.

In the investigations, the convict admitted that he had met a person in a hotel in his homeland, where the latter asked him to deliver that amount of drugs to a person in Dubai in return for $15,000.

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