VIDEO: Saudi father pardons son's killer, waives blood money - GulfToday

VIDEO: Saudi father pardons son's killer, waives blood money


A videograb shows Yahya Al-Shoujbi speaking to MBC TV.

Gulf Today Report

A Saudi citizen, Yahya Al-Shoujbi, told the story of his pardon for the murderer of his son Muhammad, stressing that he did this for free, given the conditions of the sick mother of the "culprit."

Al-Shoujbi said, in an interview with MBC, that he secretly went to visit the mother of his son’s murderer so that “no one of his relatives would know,” and then told them that he had decided to pardon their son for the sake of Almighty Allah.”

He added that the visit caused "a surprise to the family of my son's killer.

The culprit’s mother did not believe what I was saying, and fell to the ground with happiness, stressing: "I did not feel any regrets after the pardon, but I became more comfortable."

He explained that he did not receive any financial compensation for the pardon, and said, “My soul, praise be to God, is very comfortable because I seek reward from Almighty Allah, as He said in the Holy Quran, “And the Hereafter is better and more lasting.”

Al-Shoujbi narrated that his son felt his death approaching, saying while crying, “Before he was killed, he was sitting next to me and we laughed. Suddenly he asked me: “When will I join my mother?”

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