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Abu Dhabi Police share road accident videos to educate motorists

A videograb shows the accident taking place in Abu Dhabi.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Abu Dhabi Police, in cooperation with the Monitoring and Control Center and the Traffic and Patrols Directorate in the Central Operations Sector of Abu Dhabi Police, launched awareness messages entitled "Safety Path", which presents an analytical study of traffic accidents and their causes to reduce erroneous behaviour.

The messages will be broadcast weekly on the social media platforms of the Abu Dhabi Police General Command.

Lt. Colonel Nasser Abdullah Al-Saadi, Head of the Security Media Department confirmed that publishing such videos comes as part of Abu Dhabi Police's efforts to develop awareness methods by providing an analytical study of traffic accidents.

The aim is to achieve the highest levels of traffic safety in the emirate.

He added that the messages, which are produced by the security media team and presented by specialized officers from the Traffic and Patrols Directorate, come as part of the efforts made to achieve the highest levels of traffic safety through the implementation of various programs to support positive behaviors of drivers and enhance road safety in the Emirate.

He explained that the weekly "Safety Path" messages come within the framework of the Abu Dhabi Police's continuous efforts to enhance traffic awareness among road users by publishing realistic videos of the negative behaviors of some drivers that cause traffic accidents, and revealing the flagrant violations of some reckless people whose victims are innocent on the roads.

He pointed out that the Security Media Department, in coordination with the relevant departments of Abu Dhabi Police, seeks to analyze traffic accidents and clarify the causes of their occurrence, to reach important recommendations that enhance safety for vehicle drivers and road users, and aim to consolidate knowledge and enhance respect for the law, leading to positive results that contribute to reducing accidents and violations rates.

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