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VIDEO: NCM conducts 10 cloud seeding missions, ensures sufficient rainfall across the UAE


107 'Nano' packages were used for conducting cloud seeding missions.

Emadeddin Khalil, Staff Reporter

The National Center of Meteorology (NCM) has conducted 10 cloud seeding missions, since the beginning of weather fluctuations from last Thursday (Nov.4) until Monday (Nov.8) with 2-3 hours per mission, covering most areas to ensure fall of larger amount of rain on the country.  

The NCM explained that it had used 107 "Nano" packages for conducting cloud seeding missions.

“This type has been developed based on researches that were conducted to evaluate the nanotechnology-based inoculation substances. The researches aim to test the effectiveness of the new substances used for cloud seeding, and the possibility of using them on a larger scale within a variety of climatic fluctuations,” the NCM added.

It also pointed out that the highest amount of rain recorded in the country during that period amounted to 32.4mm over Masafi, Fujairah on Monday.

This is attributed to fact that the country is being affected by an extension of a shallow air depression extending from the northeast accompanied by an air depression and a cold air mass in the upper layers of the air, the NCM said.

Various parts of the country witnessed rainfall of different intensity with hailstones on Monday.

"Rain started to fall at 1:30pm in the afternoon on Mareed, Fujairah. It was heavy in Dibba,Wadi Sidr, and Dafta, while was light to medium in Khorfakkan, heavy on Kalba in Sharjah, and light to medium on Hatta in Dubai," according to the NCM.

Jebel Jais in Ras Al Khaimah recorded the lowest temperature in the country on Monday morning at 11.1ºC at 12:30 am, the NCM said.

The NCM has called for exercising caution while driving during the rain and in the lack of horizontal visibility. It also advised the public to stay away from places where rainwater assemble and the surface-run-offs.

The Abu Dhabi Police also called on drivers to be careful during the formation of dust and not to be busy with the phone and photography, in order to preserve their safety and the safety of road users.

In the meantime, the NCM has indicated that the weather on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will be partly cloudy to cloudy at times in some areas, with a chances of rainfall in some northern and western areas, coasts and islands.

"It is also expected to be humid at night on some coastal and inland areas. The winds will be northeast to northwest, light to moderate at speed of 15 to 25 up to 35km/h. The wind will be moderate in the Arabian Gulf and light in the Sea of Oman," the NCM added.

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