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Husband strangles wife to death in front of 7 children in Jordan

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In a heinous crime that shook Jordanian society, a man strangled his wife to death in front of his seven children, and tried to escape with them.

Jordanian media reported that the country’s public prosecutor has arrested the accused on charges of murdering his wife by strangling.

The culprit will remain in custody pending investigation in the context of a charge of premeditated murder.

The Zarqa juvenile judge ordered the protection and care for a year for their six children in state protection and care homes.

The authorities added that the accused spent some time in a rehabilitation center after being convicted of drug abuse charges.

After his release, a family dispute broke out with his wife, so he killed her, then left her inside his house, and took his seven children, including his juvenile son, who is under investigation on suspicion of helping his father in the crime.

The media reported that the accused did not report that he had committed the crime, which led to the corpse remaining in the house for two days after her death, until the neighbours smelled an unpleasant odor, which prompted them to inform the police.

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