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UAE orders arrest of man, woman for immoral acts and words


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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The Federal Public Prosecution for Information Technology Crimes ordered the arrest of a man and a woman who published on the Internet a video clip including actions and words affecting the public morals of society.

The Federal Office of Investigation previously submitted a report to the State's Attorney General on monitoring this clip, besides the investigations of the office which identified the account through which the clip was published on the "Snapchat" platform, and the owner of the account.

So the Attorney General directed to take legal actions immediately.

He clarified that the laws of the UAE guarantee the protection of public morals and ethics characterizing the Emirati society, and impose strict penalties for violating them.

The Attorney General called on citizens and residents to adopt the values and morals of the society, adding that the use of social media must be positive and constructive.

The Information Technology Crimes Prosecution is conducting investigations with the suspects.

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