VIDEO: Child escapes with injuries after being attacked by 10 dogs in Saudi Arabia - GulfToday

VIDEO: Child escapes with injuries after being attacked by 10 dogs in Saudi Arabia

A combo image dogs attacking a child in Tabuk.

Gulf Today Report

Ten dogs attacked a child in the Al Bawadi neighbourhood of Tabuk in northern Saudi Arabia. They tried to devour his small body as his attempts to escape failed.

However, he miraculously escaped death.

A surveillance camera near the incident site recorded the terrible moments.

Ahmed Al-Balawi, the uncle of the child Ali who lived a terrifying night, said, “My 10-year-old nephew he went out, after midnight, to throw garbage in a container located near our house, but was surprised by dogs hiding behind a pile of sand, so they attacked him ferociously,” Saudi media reported.

He also added, “I was sitting in the courtyard of my house and a few moments before I heard Ali's screams asking us for help to save him.

I immediately ran for him and when I tried to save him a group of dogs attacked me, but I managed to carry him and escape into the house.

He said the child sustained several hand and leg injuries from dog bites and was taken to hospital.

Ahmed confirmed that Ali still lives in a state of terror and fear.

He concluded by pointing out that the presence of stray dogs in residential areas is a problem and danger to families and children, calling on the competent authorities to look into the matter.

The municipality of Tabuk shared a post on its Twitter account with the reference to what was monitored on social media about the abuse of a child by stray dogs in the Al-Bawadi neighborhood.

The mayor of the Tabuk region has ordered the teams to get rid of the stray dogs immediately.

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