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90 rattlesnakes found living in the basement of a home in California

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Mustafa Al Zoubi, Gulf Today

Al Wolf, Director of Sonoma County Reptile Rescue, was recently called by a woman who said she had seen rattlesnakes scurry under her Northern California house and was surprised to find more than 90 rattlesnakes getting ready to hibernate.


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“I kept finding rattlesnakes one after the other until they were 90 within 4 hours. I used a 24-inch (60-cm) snake pole to remove the rattlesnakes,” he said, adding that he would pay more visits to see if any more rattlesnakes arrived.

All the snakes were Northern Pacific rattlesnakes, the only venomous snake found in Northern California, he said.

Rattlesnakes usually hibernate from October to April and look for rocks to hide under and warm places and will return to the same place year after year. The homeowners didn’t remove any rocks when they built the house, making it an attractive place for the reptiles, Wolf said

Wolf, who has been rescuing snakes for 32 years and has been bitten 13 times, said he responds to calls about snakes under homes in 17 counties and has seen dozens of them in one place in the wild but never under a home.

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