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VIDEO: 771,000 visited Expo 2020 Dubai in 18 days, organisers bring down ticket prices


visitors arrive at Expo site.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Expo 2020 Dubai has attracted more than 771,000 visits from ticket holders since the start of the international event on October 1, 2021, with a weekly growth of 12%, which confirms the wide interest in the global event, after it witnessed about 412,000 in the first 10 days.

Expo allows upgrading daily entry tickets to seasonal, by upgrading the one-day ticket to "multiple entry" for Dhs75 for daily ticket holders, and to the seasonal ticket at Dhs225.

The international event also allows upgrading the multiple-entry ticket to the season ticket for Dhs150, and the October ticket to the season ticket, at Dhs150, in an offer valid until November 6, 2021 at the ticket counters at the event site.

Shauna McGee, Vice President of Communications at Expo 2020 Dubai, said: The percentage of visitors to Expo 2020 Dubai includes those who purchased tickets to attend and does not include representatives of participating international bodies, their delegations or guests, nor does it include Expo employees, partners or invitees from official authorities, explaining that visitors from 181 nationalities out of 192 participating countries, noting that this is a great achievement, especially since many international markets are still under travel restrictions.

She added that half of the visitors hold seasonal tickets, as 100,000 visited Expo 2020 Dubai more than twice, and about 35,000 came more than 3 times, explaining that the repeated visits to the international event reflect the attractiveness of the events and events that attract visitors to repeat the visit.

McGee added that the number of visitors to the virtual Expo 2020 Dubai rose to 9.3 million visits, an increase of 1.5 million visits compared to last week.

Japanese Pavilion

She explained that many countries encourage their residents to attend the World Expo events online, such as Japan, which encourages its residents to visit their pavilion in the global event virtually.

Regarding ticket sales, McGee confirmed that there is interest in sales of seasonal tickets and multi-entry tickets, which is evidence of visitors' interest in the global event, which prompted them to visit more than once, to enjoy all that the exhibition offers.

She said that we are pleased with the sales of Expo 2020 Dubai tickets, especially that the interest is focused on visits, and this is a number that we have been expecting from the beginning.

McGee pointed out that the increase in the number of visits at Expo 2020 Dubai came in light of the various events and activities that were held, including business events such as the "African Global Business Forum" and the celebration of the national days of African countries.

She explained that changing programs and events on a daily basis contributed to attracting many visits frequently, including visiting country pavilions, specialized Expo pavilions, recreational and cultural events, exploring the exhibition, and enjoying playgrounds for children and families, restaurants and cafes.

She pointed out that attending the events was also an important reason for attracting visits, with the participation of important experts from the countries of the world, where the pavilions also attract speakers on many vital and important issues.

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