Taliban to ‘cope’ with Daesh as Russia expects Iraq, Syria militants entering Afghanistan - GulfToday

Taliban to ‘cope’ with Daesh as Russia expects Iraq, Syria militants entering Afghanistan


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Russia said on Thursday it expects the Taliban to deal with the Daesh in Afghanistan without external support, ahead of talks in Moscow next week.

The comments came after President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday warned of battle-hardened extremists from Iraq and Syria with ties to Daesh entering Afghanistan.

Putin said on Wednesday that battle-hardened militants from Iraq and Syria are "actively" entering Afghanistan.


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"The situation in Afghanistan is not easy," Putin said during a video conference with security service chiefs of ex-Soviet states.

"Militants from Iraq, Syria with experience in military operations are actively being drawn there," he said.

20 years in power for Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin attends a press conference in Moscow. File photo

"It is possible that terrorists may try to destabilise the situation in neighbouring states," he added, warning that they could even try "direct expansion".

The Taliban, which seized control of Kabul from a pro-Western government in mid-August, are seeking international recognition, as well as assistance to avoid a humanitarian disaster.

The Kremlin has in recent years reached out to the Taliban and hosted its representatives in Moscow several times.

But while Moscow has been cautiously optimistic about the new Taliban leadership in Kabul, the Kremlin is concerned about instability spilling over into Central Asia where it has military bases.

After the Taliban takeover, Russia held military drills with Tajikistan -- where it operates a military base -- and in Uzbekistan. Both countries share a border with Afghanistan.

Putin has also repeatedly warned about members of extremist groups exploiting political turmoil in Afghanistan to cross into neighbouring ex-Soviet countries as refugees.

On Wednesday, he warned that "terrorists" may even try "direct expansion" into neighbouring states.



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