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Two-headed, six-legged turtle born in Massachusetts


Two-headed turtle.

Gulf Today Report

The Birdsey Cape Wildlife Centre in Massachusetts, USA, witnessed the birth of a two-headed and six-legged diamond-backed terrapin.

Officials at the centre said the turtle is feeding well, swimming and leading a normal life since it was born two weeks ago.

This type of turtles is rare, but the genetic anomaly in this particular case made the creature even more interesting. Although the presence of two heads may pose a danger to most animals and lead to their early death, those interested in this turtle are optimistic.

A barium study showed that the animal has two independent gastrointestinal systems to feed on both sides.

The heads work independently to come to the surface to breathe.

Experts say it eats well, mainly worms.

This specimen will continue to be watched and when it reaches four weeks, the crew hopes to get a scanner to learn more about the animal's circulatory system and more information about the two small turtles sharing a shell.


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