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VIDEO: Lioness wanders on the streets of Saudi city of Al-Khobar


A lioness strolling on the street of Saudi Arabia.

Gulf Today Report

The National Center for the Development of Wildlife took control of a loose lioness in the city of Al-Khobar after receiving a report that the creature was in a street.

The center explained that the lioness was anesthetized and it was transferred to the shelter, under the care of specialists and veterinary supervision.

The authorities carried out the operations without causing any harm to the population or the object.

In August, a lioness was spotted wandering on the streets of Riyadh, prompting authorities to lockdown the area and send special forces to deal with the situation.

The Special Forces for the Environment Security (SFES) was called to handle the crises.

SFES official Raed Al-Maliki said that the authorities received a report about a lion being spotted in Riyadh streets.

The SFES personnel formed a team and rushed to the location.

According to the information, the lion was found tied to a pole in a residential neighbourhood.

The authorities tranquilised the animal and transferred it to its shelter without any injuries.

The Saudi Wildlife Authority has launched an investigation into the incident.

The police are searching for person responsible this act.

The public prosecutor will punitive action against the person.

The law doesn’t allow caging wild animals, and especially not in the middle of residential areas.

The authorities said anyone who is found in possession of a wild animal will be out in prison for 10 years with a fine of up to 30 million Saudi riyal.

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