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All Sharjah schools to return to in-person learning from Oct.31


A teacher poses for a photograph with her students.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The Sharjah local emergency, crisis and disaster management team in coordination with the Sharjah Private Education Authority, adopted a decision to gradually return to the in-person learning system in all private schools in the emirate from Oct.31.

The decision has been taken with the application of precautionary and preventive measures, to ensure the highest safety standards for students and school workers.

The decision excluded the sick.

Major General Saif Al Zari Al Shamsi, Commander-in-Chief of Sharjah Police, head of the local emergency, crisis and disaster management team in Sharjah, held a meeting with several teams in the emirate.

The meeting discussed the latest developments in the educational field of private schools and the developments in the health situation in the emirate, where Dr. Muhadditha Al Hashimi, Chairperson of the Sharjah Private Education Authority, reviewed the results and statistics of the plan developed by the authority in conjunction with the pandemic, and what the precautionary and preventive measures package she had taken to ensure a safe environment for the drum was achieved by They return to attendance at schools.

The proposal submitted by Dr. Muhadditha regarding the possibility of returning of in-person learning in all private schools in the emirate received the support of the head of the local team for emergency, crisis and disaster management in Sharjah.

Major General Shamsi stressed the importance of the cooperation of school administrations and students’ families to ensure a full and safe return, praising the efforts of the concerned authorities to overcome the repercussions of the pandemic, which had the greatest role in the mandatory return to urban education in all educational institutions, after stabilizing the situation and decreasing the epidemiological curve.

The Sharjah Private Education Authority has put in place the necessary plans and preparations, to ensure the full return of students to their classrooms, to engage in the real educational process, and to compensate them for any educational loss during the distance learning period, considering the return of students to schools as a joint responsibility by adhering to preventive measures, to ensure the continuity of attendance education.

It is noteworthy that the Sharjah Private Education Authority received the current academic year with extensive preparations, to resume in-person learning in light of a healthy and safe educational environment for educational cadres, students, and parents.

The authority has provided a safe educational environment through concerted efforts and continuous coordination with the concerned state institutions, represented by a set of studied decisions and supportive administrative and organisational practices that included making decisions according to field developments to achieve the conditions of in-person learning.

Its efforts included training school administrations on the guideline for reopening schools to receive students to ensure the optimal application of precautionary measures, in addition to holding workshops and training courses for schools on the distance education system and public awareness of the pandemic through the Sharjah Education Academy.

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