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What would life be without Facebook? Social media users say ‘it's the end of the world’ with global outage


Two people try to access social media in front od a Facebook poster.

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Facebook grappled on Monday with a widespread outage, forcing millions of people to taste life without the world's largest social media platform.

It was probably the last thing Facebook needed as it stumbles from problem to problem, including outrage over its use of customers' private data.

The outage began on Monday afternoon and triggered a flood of gripes on downdetector.com, which tracks trouble accessing online pages, and on rival Twitter.

One social media users responded to a post, "You make it sound as if it's the end of the world just because you can't be on Facebook…”

A Downdetector map showed Facebook service troubles persisting in parts of Australia, Asia, Europe, South America and North America, and Middle East.

Some media outlets branded the outage the second biggest in Facebook's history after 2019.

The photo has been used for illustrative purposes.

The outage also affected Facebook-owned Instagram, as well as Messenger.

In some cases the apps could be accessed but would not load posts or handle missives.

The California firm which has more than two billion users acknowledged the outage after users noted on Twitter they could not access Facebook or had limited functionality.

The social network said there was no update of the situation as evening arrived in California.

Last November, a Facebook outage was attributed to a server problem, and a September disruption was said to be the result of "networking issues."

Netizens have shared their views on the latest outage.

Nagham Ashkar said, “I am not able to get into my account. Facebook requested me a photo and i uploaded then I got this message: we're reviewing ur photo so until this time you can not log in. So what is that! It's been a long time waiting. Need help plz…”

@goriankit wrte on downdetector, “That is why it is said that we should not be so addicted to anything. Server down of 3 social sites. WIF @WhatsApp @Facebook @InstagramComms @PMOIndia @GoI_MeitY @narendramodi

@oi_migz said, “Facebook moms when they can’t post about facebook not working.”

Vince Kakooza said, “BLACK MONDAY 🤭 Facebook Instagram WhatsApp Other apps where some users are experiencing issues; LinkedIn Snapchat Gmail Twitter…”

@jeffthedunker said, “Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp down. You know what else is down?

@tobat02 I'm the most happiest with this outage of WhatsApp and Facebook...I can have small rest from *it's me Abdullahi*.

@nastynate121: There is literally nothing here we didn’t know. The core problem with Facebook is also its sole purpose. The only way to fix the issues of Facebook is to get rid of it. Anyone who says they have solutions is a liar. There are no solutions.

@nnygamer: Here's another problem with Facebook being down, some sites allow you to log in using Facebook instead of making an account with them. With it down you can't log into these other sites. Browsers don't keep this info so you can't just use your FB username/password.

@BriWat74 said, “Omg, Facebook and Instagram are down and have been for most of the day today? I bet there are a lot of people losing their MINDS!! That’s just crazy! (No, I can’t get on FB. It’s saying there’s no internet connection.)."

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