VIDEO: Storm 'Shaheen' may turn into a first-class tropical cyclone, warns UAE's weather body - GulfToday

VIDEO: Storm 'Shaheen' may turn into a first-class tropical cyclone, warns UAE's weather body

Storm clouds approach the Oman coast on Saturday afternoon.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) warned of the tropical storm “Shaheen” that is expected to deepen in the northeast of the Arabian Sea, opposite the Indian-Pakistani coasts, centering at 23.3 north latitude and 64.4 east longitude.

It will be accompanied by various formations of clouds, interspersed with cumulus clouds of different intensity and strong winds along the Arabian Sea, with a speed ranging from 65 to 115 km/h, the NCM added.

The NCM expects the tropical storm may turn into a first-class tropical cyclone within the next 24 hours, as to continue to move towards the coasts of the Sultanate of Oman.

As for the impact on the country, it is expected that the eastern coast will be affected from Saturday night by a sea tide, especially with the period of high tide on the low areas.

And from the afternoon and evening of Sunday, some areas of the country will be affected by the extension of the tropical situation, especially the eastern and southern areas, where cumulus clouds multiply, accompanied by rain.

While the winds will be active to strong, shifting dust that will affect the horizontal visibility, especially with formation cumulus clouds.

The sea condition will be turbulent to very turbulent in the Sea of Oman, which leads to inundation of the eastern coast with seawater in low areas. The Arabian Gulf will be also turbulent in the north at times.

The National Center of Meteorology called on the public to follow the bulletins and reports issued by the Centre and to follow the instructions and warnings issued by the competent authorities, asserting that it follows-up the tropical situation around the clock.

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